A Digital Assessment for each site to understand their individual requirements.

About the company

  • Objective: Contextualized data empowering important decision making
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Result: 80% more value from their OSIsoft PI system
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The Background

TQS were tasked with assisting this Global Pharma client with their vaccine production specifically around Data Collection and Contextualisation. The challenge was to have this data in a contextualised format available to all relevant stakeholders to empower them to make important strategic, manufacturing and business decisions. The importance of this project was not lost on anyone involved as the value of the output of their vaccines to the world was immeasurable. The client now has access to invaluable manufacturing and process data that they previously did not have access too. The long-term benefits of this project will be felt for a long time as they implement their Industry 4.0 Strategies.

The Challenge

Below is a list of the various challenges faced by the project:

  • Agreement on strategy direction and required outcomes
  • Communication between different departments
  • Delivery method and agile approach using a Scrum methodology
  • Involvement of key shareholders from different sites at the appropriate time
  • Access to data due to manufacturing schedules
  • Access to data across a diverse network of different plants and aging equipment
  • Ensuring quality compliance was kept during the rapid need for data

The Solution

A Digital Assessment For Each Site

Relevant contextualized data available to all stakeholders.

TQS developed an approach at the very start of this process by implementing a Digital Assessment for each site to allow us to understand their individual requirements. From this knowledge, we were able to create a standard global solution and implement alignment between all the sites. This will allow the client to implement new solutions with a standardized approach to data acquisition, contextualization, and asset management.

  • Conducted “Site Capability Assessments” to assess each sites network setup and status while also creating a detailed inventory of equipment.
  • We found sites were all at different capabilities for the deployment of the Digital IIOT solutions.
  • Systems within a site were at different capabilities.
  • Issues vary from Site to Site e.g. local SME knowledge, network setup or equipment configuration issues.
  • Next steps vary from basic connectivity to detailed structuring initiatives.


The Results

Structured and Standardized data easily accessed

The results have been amazing, and the sites now have access to the required Data that they previously did not. In addition, we standardised Equipment Unit Templates into Global Standardised EF and AF Library. Due to the work TQS have done and continue to do, our global pharma client is now getting 80% more value from their OSIsoft PI system, and it has become a key enabler in driving their Industry 4.0 goals.

  • Standardisation of data
  • Visibility of data across client’s network
  • Increased deployment of analytical tools
  • Shared community for development and innovation

We are now seen as a key enabler for all Global Industry 4.0 groups as we make the data available for their applications/use cases.

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