INDUSTRY 4.0: How a Global Pharma Company Saved 160 Man-Hours per Month

You are better off looking at data than looking for data.

About the company

  • Objective: Implement new initiatives in the production process
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Result: Structured access to data saving time and money
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The Background

The global pharma company had objectives for the implementation of new production initiatives such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Continued Process Verification (CPV) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for their pharmaceutical production process.

The Challenge

Lack of access to data

The biggest challenge was that the company was “data starved” — there was a lack of direct access to process manufacturing data by the data consumers. Instead, there were data silos, with certain data accessible by one group of the organization, but not the rest.


As we know it, accessing the right data in a standardized format efficiently is key in any process manufacturing industry especially for pharmaceutical companies. As a result of this friction with the data collection and conversion process, the company was wasting a lot of time — leading to delays in strategic business decision making and the implementation of the new initiatives.

Access process manufacturing data with end-end visability
See an 80% cost savings in systems integration.
Access process manufacturing data with end-end visability
PI system eliminates the need to access unstructured data from multiple sources.
Access process manufacturing data with end-end visability
Empower client with 160 man-hours saved per month.

The Solution

A strategy for automated data collection

You are better off looking at data than looking for data.

Due to TQS’ expertise with digital transformation for the life sciences industry, and knowledge of manufacturing data requirements, it was engaged as a key enabling partner in the company’s Industry 4.0 initiatives.

"According to the Top Pharma’s Head of Automation, “Before, getting the data you needed was a whole process. But we didn’t even realize how unnecessarily difficult we were making it until after you (TQS) helped us implement this new system. This resulted in huge time savings for our business and accelerated our transformation towards INDUSTRY 4.0."

The engagement involved TQS providing a realistic, attainable strategy, along with project timelines and costs to realize this enablement - turning the company around from data starved to data rich.

The Results

Structured and Standardized data easily accessed

End users — both on the shop floor and at the enterprise level — no longer data starved, now had direct access to process manufacturing data that was structured and standardized, meaning:
  • There was now a single source of truth for process manufacturing data
  • Both real-time and historical data was available, enabling end-to-end process visibility
  • New projects could be evaluated and budgeted more accurately
  • A standardized integration model for integration into higher-level systems such as MES, SDM, Data Lake
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