How a Data Readiness Study Saved Nearly $1 Million for Our Client

“Blue Skies” analysis — an exhaustive exploration of every possible capability, solution and outcome.

About the company

  • Objective: Implement a multi-year strategy for Industry 4.0 enablement.
  • Industry: Pharmaceutical
  • Result: High Availability Architecture saving $905k
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The Background

Striving for Industry 4.0

The top global pharmaceutical company had ambitions for several digital transformation initiatives and engaged TQS to provide a multi-year strategy for Industry 4.0 enablement.

TQS analyzed the company’s existing infrastructure and capabilities — with the specific aim of drafting a standard process manufacturing data acquisition methodology and implementation strategy across 8 manufacturing sites

The Savings

$905k Saved

A number of savings were made from this approach with regard to standardization of integration, a minimized least intrusive data integration plan, and a structured rollout. In particular, one of the sites had huge savings within hours of the data readiness study. After an initial test to ensure the correct data was available, it was determined that the upgrade, which would have costed $950K, was no longer required as the necessary data was available. The data integration to the text-based files had a cost of only $45K, resulting in a total saving of $905K for the client.

Total saving of $905k for the client across 8 manufacturing sites.
A standard process manufacturing data acquisition methodology.
OSI PI data historian in full High Availability Architecture.

The Solution

Extensive Research to Probe Deep

The initial action was a data readiness study, by way of a comprehensive review of the sites with regards to the availability and acquisition of process manufacturing data into a centralized data platform (to be used as a global data concentrator for all platforms requiring real-time data).

This was followed by an evaluation of the current data infrastructure which comprised of, Blue Skies” analysis - — an exhaustive exploration of every possible capability, solution and outcome.

Finally, the OSIsoft PI tag naming convention was proposed, critical element to align with other site data systems.

"We are very happy that TQS recommended and implemented a data readiness study for us before we engaged with any extensive data infrastructure and integration changes. Not only did it save us valuable time and effort, it also saved us a lot of money. Recommendations put in place by TQS also simplified our data processes so that we can access our data more easily which allowed us to make more optimal busines decisions." Remarked Head of Operations, top global pharmaceutical company."

The Results

A Complete Set of Recommendations

A report was generated for each site with a complete set of recommendations including IIoT (industrial internet of things) deployment and maintaining operational excellence.

This report allowed a discussion in greater detail about what the client’s requirements were and what the best course of action was.

Following the recommendations provided to the sites, it was agreed to move ahead with a local OSI PI data historian per site in a full High Availability Architecture.

Below is a list of the data types captured into the OSI PI data historian and a list of the ongoing initiatives to use this data.

Process Data​
Alarm & Event Data​
Batch Context Data​
Audit Trail Data
IIoT Sensor Data

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