TQS Integration, a Cognizant company, is an OSIsoft Premier Partner, one of the top-performing partners in the OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere

As a Premier Partner, we bring industry expertise, PI System knowledge, and a wide range of technologies to deliver value-added solutions to our customers. We are proven, trusted solution providers with proven experience installing and supporting established use cases for PI System data – and discovering new ones.

PI System

The PI System is the leading operations data management platform in essential sectors, such as power generation and utilities, water, oil and gas, mining, metals, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, facilities, transportation, food and beverage, and more. Every day, industrial professionals in 146 countries rely on the PI System to improve operational performance, protect health and safety, keep the lights on, and make the world run more smoothly. Learn why two-thirds of Fortune 500 industrial organizations choose PI System at www.osisoft.com/pi-system.

The PI System manages more than two billion sensor-based data streams that enable better operations management and outcomes. For example, plant operators can spot problems with a remote pump before it fails. Environmental scientists can predict the accumulation of harmful elements in city water before it is tainted, while process engineers can finetune production variables to increase profitability. Data scientists can rapidly construct smarter AI algorithms, and executives can review dashboards that inform better business decisions.




Gather high-fidelity time-series data from any source. Choose from hundreds of off-the-shelf PI Adapters, PI Connectors, and PI Interfaces to collect operations data natively from a wide variety of legacy and proprietary assets, as well as SCADA and other control systems.

PI Cloud Connect is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that allows you to share data between PI Servers both inside and outside your enterprise. Grant PI Cloud Connect users access to a live stream of data. Allow users to subscribe to data streams.

Expand your view of operations to include remote assets. Valuable data is often stranded outside your control network. PI Edge technology collects real-time data from remote assets and IIoT devices for intelligence that spans your entire operation.


OSIsoft is now part of AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, driving digital transformation and sustainability. By connecting the power of information and artificial intelligence with human insight, AVEVA enables teams to use their data to unlock new value. We call this Performance Intelligence.

AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio enables more than 20,000 industrial enterprises to engineer smarter, operate better and drive sustainable efficiency. AVEVA supports customers through a trusted ecosystem that includes 5,500 partners and 5,700 certified developers around the world. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK, with over 6,500 employees and 90 offices in over 40 countries. Learn more at www.aveva.com.

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