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Accelerate operational insight by using our data integration products for fast, and easy results. Whether you need to transform your data, or acquire it with more context, we have the tools you need

Operational Data Integration

Solves the complex nature of connecting Real-Time OSI PI Data with Cloud Systems, Machine Learning and AI Platforms in a simple and cost effective fashion. Eliminate file transfer, data silo’s, IT implementation costs, and lost productivity time in one single product.
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Advanced Analytics Calculation Engine

Solve your real-time data pipeline to your data scientists, and eliminate data extraction, transfer and latency. 
TAAC allows you to test, design and run Python, R and .NET programs within your PI Asset Framework. 
Develop your models on top of the power of AF Templates, execute in real-time, on-the-fly historical recalculations and full IDE with IntelliPrompt.
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Event Frame Linker

Create the links and relationships between your event frames within your PI System. Whether you are trying to relate Work Orders from your MES Systems and the lot from your Batch Execution System, or just trying to relate custom Event Frames, Event Frame Linker allows you to create the logic you need to correlate that data.
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RtReports Historical Migration

Solve the complex system upgrades or migration of RtReports, including all eSignatures and comments.
Ensure all critical data is seamlessly and completely migrated and synchronized between different PI Systems
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AF Template Synchronizer

Simplify how you distribute and maintain you PI AF templates. Eliminate the administration burden of distributing and synchronizing your data catalog and templates across all your organizations PI Systems. 
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Business Process Solutions

Solve your operational intelligence needs with our out-of-the-box solutions
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Developer Technologies

Use our developer tools to accelerate your team or product development
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Advanced Visualizations

Create actionable, real-time insight with our visualization and reporting products
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