Data Transfer Made Easy

ODIN lets you connect real-time historian data with cloud systems,
machine learning and AI platforms in an easy, cost-effective and secure way.
Eliminate file transfer, data silos, IT implementation costs and lost productivity — with one product.

What it does

Your Data is a Stream

It should be flowing smoothly and securely from its source to its destination.
No obstacles. No delays.

Sometimes, though, there’s a rock in the way.
That rock might be old infrastructure.
Or a lack of integration, secured IT support and cloud expertise.

ODIN removes that rock for you — opening your stream to go where you want - enabling secured data transfer. In other words, ODIN makes connecting to cloud easy without any extra burden on your existing data infrastructure.

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Offline Modelling

Haven’t yet adopted cloud-based platforms for machine learning?
ODIN also lets you test your models offline, by creating local network-based extracts of files.
Remove the manual extraction work — have your files extracted easily, securely and automatically.
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ODIN supports multiple source and destination platforms, including:
  • OSI-PI
  • WonderWare
  • Azure Data Lake Gen2
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AWS S3
  • SQL Server
  • Apache Parquet
  • Azure Event Hub
  • Apache Kafka
  • Google BigQuery / Cloud Storage / Cloud Pub-Sub
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Efficient data transfer ODIN products

Rapid Modelling / ML

ODIN allows end users to easily create extraction jobs and send them to any destination securely. If you have a data historian and want to use its data for modelling or machine learning — ODIN will do that for you.
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Easy Configuration

With a straightforward, web-based interface, ODIN lets you easily define the jobs you want to create and the destinations where you want to send the data securely.
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Efficient data transfer ODIN products
Extract Transfer  Load (ETL)

Machine Learning and Advanced Manufacturing Analytics

Equipped with an easy to use, web-based interface, cloud secure data transfer through ODIN allows for real-time and on-demand data egress to enable machine learning and supports multiple source and destination platforms. ODIN is compatible with both OSIsoft and Wonderware historians, allowing efficient and secure transfer of valuable information from multiple historians to cloud-based destinations including Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Event Hubs, Parquet, SQL Server, and more.

The complex nature of cloud data transfer is now made easy as ODIN automatically aggregates, filters, contextualizes and delivers formatted real time information efficiently via a user-friendly GUI (Graphic User Interface) that enables ease of monitoring job success. In-built auditing and distributed agent’s nodes also ensure configurations are monitored for compliance, while transfers are seamless, secure, and scalable.

ODIN can help manufacturing companies to prepare compliance and regulatory reports, run predictive advanced analytics, integrate operations information with business information, ultimately gaining valuable insights to make optimized business decisions and cost savings. In other words, ODIN makes connecting to cloud easy without any extra burden on your existing data infrastructure.

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