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Alarm Rationalization and Management

Regulatory attention, production losses, safety incidents and environmental harm.
Without an effective alarm rationalization and management system, these are problems you will likely encounter in your plant.
Alarm Rationalization & Management is our solution. Built to ISA 18.2, it lets you monitor and configure your plant alarms in one centralized system, prevent alarm overload and misconfiguration, and have more control over your plant.
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Carbon Cost Control

You might know how much energy you are using. But what about how it relates to production? Or how much you are wasting?
Carbon Cost Control lets you do that.
Visualize consumption trends, identify areas of waste, and make better energy decisions.
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Carbon Cost Control

Batch Cost Analyzer

With real-time analysis of your schedules, BCA lets you identify and eliminate bottlenecks — and focus your resources where they’re needed the most.
The result?
You’ll have optimized batch production, increased throughput, and reduced costs.
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IT Monitor

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IT Monitor
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