Optimize Your Manufacturing Processes with Actionable Insights

Optimize and Control Batch and Continuous Manufacturing Processes Using the Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions from Sartorius

The Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions from Sartorius gives you access to powerful yet easy-to-use tools to optimize your manufacturing processes and bring quality products to market faster.

Identifying how and where to improve operations can be extraordinarily challenging if the data that holds the answers is scattered among different incompatible systems, formats and processes. By combining TQS knowledge and expertise in integrating and deploying the powerful Umetrics® Suite solutions, to combine and use data from different sources into an easy to use way of building monitoring, predictive or control models for your production. You will have a way of visualizing and understanding your data in actionable ways to further develop and optimize processes, control production, and predict quality.

Going beyond outdated methods of univariate statistical process control (SPC), the Umetrics® Suite harnesses the power of multivariate data analysis (MSPC) to help you understand complex problems and evaluate how interactions between variables can affect your production runs. Not only can this help you identify and correct non-conforming processes sooner, but it can also help you create more optimized processes from the start.

The entire Umetrics® Suite offers extensive wizards and clear data visualization that makes it easy even for non-statistics experts to gain reliable insights from their data. The suite of data analytics tools helps you develop robust, high-quality products, continuously improve your processes and maintain control during manufacturing.

A Suite of Applications to Develop, Control and Predict Processes

The Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions offers data analytics applications for every stage of the manufacturing process: Research, Development and Manufacturing.

MODDE® Design of Experiments (DOE) 

Finding the best operating conditions of a process.

MODDE® DOE software helps you manage product development and testing in a more efficient way.  It helps you verify the statistical accuracy of your results, cull the data, and ensure your models are viable. MODDE® supports a quality by design (QbD) approach to product development that is favored by regulatory agencies. By building experiment certainty and reproducibility into your process, you can be confident in the robustness of your formulation and quality of your final product.



SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA) 

Build statistical models of the ideal process.

SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis software is the benchmark data analytics tool for scientists, engineers, researchers, product developers and others striving to gain information from large quantities of data. SIMCA® helps you create more robust products and develop models that can be used to further understand and optimize processes. It provides a summary of all types of process information, key trends, correlations and patterns in one convenient data model, and enables easy batch interpretation.


SIMCA®-online real-time process monitoring 

Forecast and control production – and predict and correct deviations in time.

 SIMCA®-online real-time process monitoring software uses advanced data analytics models to help you understand what is happening with a process as it occurs, compare it to optimal models, and even predict when a process might start deviating.  SIMCA®-online provides dashboards that let you quickly see when processes are operating as they should be and when they are not. It offers alerts, remote monitoring, root cause analysis and corrective recommendations in an easy to use package.


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