Free Workshop: Best Practices for Process Data Analytics.

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Get hands-on practice in data analytics for pharmaceutical and life sciences processes, including applications, data, methods, workflows teams, and tools.

With advanced data analytics, all subject matter experts (SMEs) can generate more value from process data by accessing relevant IT/OT data and analyzing that data with purpose-built, easy-to-use tools. With Seeq's advanced analytics, SMEs can comment, collaborate, share, report, and create monitoring dashboards for specific sites, or across the whole organization, that auto-update on-demand or on a schedule.

During the workshop, we reference concrete, hands-on examples to discuss how process problems can be addressed using existing methods, the types of problems that typically arise, and how an advanced analytics workflow can be implemented to provide solutions. Participants will have the opportunity to work through exercises to learn about the new advanced analytics approaches to solving complex problems. Finally, we will discuss the differences between these advanced analytics approaches and existing methods.



  • Challenges of data analytics in process industries
  • Business value of opportunities for data analytics in process industries
  • Prerequisites for data analysis for digital transformation


  • Hands on Activity: Defining periods of interest in a process
  • Hands on Activity: Create a monitoring dashboard and build a report
  • Hands on Use Case: Golden profile and reporting by exception
  • Demo: Scaling to plant, site, and global business unit (asset swap, treemaps)

Summary & Closing

  • Discussion of best practices
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