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for Smart Manufacturing. Industry 4.0

Digitize your business and transform your operations to meet Industry 4.0 standards.

Industry 4.0

An introduction to Industry 4.0

The fourth revolution in manufacturing or Industry 4.0 as it is more commonly known is all about the digitization of manufacturing through the use of smart and autonomous systems that are fueled by data and machine learning. Production facilities and factories are making use of advanced sensors, embedded software, cloud computing, analytics, and machine learning to help enhance productivity, increase flexibility, and deliver real-time decision making.

Get Ready for Industry 4.0

Our consultants can help you on your journey towards Industry 4.0 by providing you with a realistic, attainable strategy, complete with timelines to realize your transformation. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing data requirements, we can provide practical hands-on solutions that will enable true Industry 4.0 capabilities through IIoT deployment. Whether you are looking to streamline your data collection, reporting, and analysis or just looking to improve your daily operations and reduce your data integration costs, TQS Integration can help. We can maximize the data from your pre-existing systems and help you implement IIoT technology to increase intelligent communications between your systems.

How can we help you? 

As a global technology consulting and digital systems integrator, we have been at the forefront of data intelligence for more than 20 years working across the Life Science, Food & Beverage, Energy and Renewables industries.

Whatever your industry you need reliable data to run a successful business, and this is where TQS Integration can help. We specialize in digital transformation initiatives and strategies that lead to Industry 4.0 enablement. Our goal is to help you shorten your implementation and support times so that you can make real-time decisions based on your data to accelerate productivity and reduce costs.

Depending on what data historian you choose you can use off-the-shelf software to start collecting your data immediately. Our data integration solutions enable data collection from legacy devices and non-networked devices helping you gather as much information as possible and bringing you closer towards Industry 4.0 by using IIoT technology.

We are the go-to-partner for many of the world’s leading companies offering a range of data collection, contextualization, visualization, analytics, and managed services – helping them become leaders in Industry 4.0.

With over 200 highly trained, specialist engineers we have the skills, experience, and expertise to manage your data requirements. Our experts provide you with the spark you need to ignite your digital transformation and make Industry 4.0 an achievable goal.

Making Industry 4.0 Real

The next wave of economic growth is approaching. Businesses that plan for and act upon rapid changes in technology and processes have much to gain. This guide lights a path to achieving digital transformation in manufacturing, from resolving organisational challenges and cultivating innovation to unleashing human abilities.

Our Expertise

  • Confirm SLA definitions
  • Agree reporting metrics
  • Define client and TQS team
  • Site readiness assessment
  • Knowledge acquisition and transition
  • Connectivity and governance strategy
  • Site historian analysis
  • Definition of corrective actions
  • Remediate issues
  • Expand admin team (offsite/onsite)
  • Confirm SLA targets and measurements
  • Baseline performance reporting of the system
  • Permanent monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Proactive maintenance planning
  • Reporting
  • Strategic planning of historian road map
  • Health checks
  • Program management
  • End user empowerment

See our work

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    Utilise Industry 4.0 initiatives to provide structured and standardized data that is easily accessed. Access the full case study for more information.
  • Industry 4.0: How a global Biopharma company realizes 50% increase in rate of drug development. Access the full case study for more information.
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