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Our data support specialists provide you with an ongoing PI consulting service and system support, so you can focus on growth.

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Delivering Data Solutions and PI Consulting Services across the UK, Ireland & Globally

TQS Integration help you manage your PI system data infrastructure through expert PI consulting. Our managed services are a proactive and efficient approach to PI historian management — enabling your business to improve its daily operations and reduce costs through our innovative global data solutions. By leveraging our network of highly skilled PI certified consultants your businesses overheads can be minimised and time spent organising and translating data can be reduced.

As an OSIsoft Premier Partner, we will manage your OSI PI platform with predefined SLAs. No more “service blackouts” caused by employee absence — our TQS data support specialist’s will be an extension of your process manufacturing team. With our extensive resource pool your PI historian will receive real-time, validated support.

Our user interface has been carefully designed to meet user-friendly requirements so that you’re not faced with complex barriers. Customer satisfaction is important to us and our expert data support specialist’s will go out of their way to ensure our clients receive an exceptional service. We are proud to provide trusted and effective global data solutions serving businesses across the UK, Ireland and globally.

How can we help you with Managed Services? 

We have multiple solutions that you can choose from as we understand that a “one size fits all” approach may not be suitable for all companies. Every business is different and that’s why it’s important to have a data support specialist that tailors their global data solutions to your needs. In an ever changing, fast paced and Industry 4.0 driven marketplace, we feel it is important to have all the necessary tools to meet your data requirements. This is why our Managed Services are made up of 4 components which provide businesses with a complete data solutions package. We offer Health Checks, Technical Support, Release Management Support and Audit Trails ensuring your business receives end to end management. With existing clients in London, UK and Dublin, Ireland, our Managed Services are not restricted to specific locations and we are proud to work with businesses across the globe.

Our Managed Services in Process Manufacturing include:

1) An embedded TQS PI certified Consultant that can be placed on your website to work on any specified requirements on a daily basis. Our PI consulting can also be done remotely where one of our highly trained and certified consultants will work on a particular project of your choice. We take into consideration your needs and requirements and will work to achieve your IT objectives as a business.

2) Follow-the-Sun PI system support provided by our Global Managed Services team, who is always on call and can provide both proactive and reactive PI consulting and support. TQS will design a support package that will meet your specific needs, whether that’ll be audit trails, MS release management, health checks etc.

3) TQS Audit Trail reports help contextualize all manufacturing system changes with regards to our client’s change control system. This provides them with peace of mind, and clear value-added mapping of information. Our reports can support operational methodologies that provide clear view of breaches and recommend appropriate improvements and actions in manufacturing. Our thought leader experts and data support specialists can advise you on everything you need.

4) Routine Health Checks, which are typically executed remotely for each site monthly or quarterly, for preventative measures and prescriptive maintenance of your data infrastructures. Health Checks deployed regularly can prevent disruptive unplanned downtime, accelerate technology/innovation, support system & data integrity, and ensure readiness of system upgrades. This service allows the businesses we work with to invest more time into other areas of their company whilst our data support specialist’s keep your site running smoothly.

All of our support services are centrally managed by our Head of Managed Services to ensure that you are getting the right support you need. We operate on a global basis and have offices worldwide so whether you’re in Ireland, the UK, the US or elsewhere, get in touch today and we can help you.


30 minute consultancy on us

Why do you need managed services?

Problem: Lack of Continuous Support – Post PI Deployment

Solution: Enhanced Services to support your PI support and maintenance allowing for customer teams to focus on process improvement activities

Summary: Tailored offering for your needs and budget

TQS Integration have developed a tailorable management services offering for our clients running OSIsoft PI Systems. By partnering with TQS Integration and the Managed Service team you will have the most skilled and certified PI integrator workforce in the world.

We would like to work with you to deliver and maintain a PI system that delivers:

  • Optimum Performance
  • Environment Consistency
  • Product Enhancements (Finding, Fixing and Enhancing)
  • Peace of Mind

Enabling you and your colleagues to have more time to focus on Process Improvement Activities

Our Expertise

  • Confirm SLA definitions
  • Agree reporting metrics
  • Define client and TQS team
  • Site readiness assessment
  • Knowledge acquisition and transition
  • Connectivity and governance strategy
  • Site historian analysis
  • Definition of corrective actions
  • Remediate issues
  • Expand admin team (offsite/onsite)
  • Confirm SLA targets and measurements
  • Baseline performance reporting of the system
  • Permanent monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Proactive maintenance planning
  • Reporting
  • Strategic planning of historian road map
  • Health checks
  • Program management
  • End user empowerment
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