TQS Integration proudly announces their partnership with Sartorius Data Analytics on multivariate technology that turns data into actionable information. Understanding and using information to make optimal business decision is key to all process manufacturing leaders today. This partnership allows TQS to empower their clients with data to drive digitized manufacturing processes and industry 4.0 advances.

Collaboration with Sartorius Data Analytics, the analytics division of biotech company Sartorius, will allow TQS to deliver solutions and training in the Umetrics product suite, particularly SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online. These easy-to-use software tools can be used to support regulatory compliance, enhance development, optimize production, enable digital transformation, and facilitate quality by design initiatives.

SIMCA® is a data exploration tool that turns information into valuable and knowledge building information to drive operational excellence. The multivariate modelling used in SIMCA®  identifies hidden trends and patterns not visible by univariate data analytic methods. SIMCA® is equipped with powerful modelling algorithms, interactive plots and direct drill-down analytics, providing easy access to visualization and interpretation of data patterns. This makes it a fantastic tool for trouble shooting process data to pinpoint root causes, as well as exploring areas for improvement.

SIMCA®-online is a real-time monitoring and prediction software that provides a complete set of interactive and visual monitoring tools to ensure that batch and continuous operation run smoothly. SIMCA®-online uses an ‘ideal process’ model to anticipate the effect of changes as they happen and suggests adjustments to your process based on multivariate trends. Early warnings of deviations help ensure processes are performing to specifications – maintaining optimum product quality, while maximizing resource efficiency and cost savings. This has made SIMCA® and SIMCA®-online the defacto standards for process monitoring and optimization in many industries.

"Driving Digital Transformation and Process Intensification today requires speed, knowledge and choosing the right value adding partners for executing and delivering solutions when internal resources are not enough or easily accessible. Ensuring certification of partners like TQS, we enable our valued customers by providing additional options for global reach, and local presence, to all new and existing users of the Umetrics® suite. Our drive is to continue to deliver new technology as hybrid and mechanistic modelling capabilities with an easy to use interface to the entire Life-Science industry.”, says Johan Hultman, Embedded Solutions (OEM) and Partner Manager at Sartorius."

This collaboration will provide a range of services to clients in the Pharmaceutical & Life Science industry enabling TQS to deliver certified implementation, data modelling services, installation and training.  

"Through this partnership, TQS can now ensure that our clients have what’s required for full utilisation of the MVDA (Multivariate data analysis) SIMCA toolbox and apply the power of MVDA to spectroscopy and multi-omics BIG DATA in the pharmaceutical industry. We want to support clients in their production goals and deliver a successful implementation that ensures a resilient process health and manufacturing success for all our clients.”, comments Brian O’Connor, Products and Services Manager at TQS."

In addition to all the off-the-shelf and bespoke products that TQS has to offer, this partnership is a boost to facilitate work with clients to ensure they have reliable and actionable results. In doing so, these insights help save time and money in production, minimize risk, and more importantly ensure compliance, while proactively improving product quality.

About TQS Integration

TQS Integration is a global data intelligence company providing turnkey solutions in system architecture and application design, engineering, system integration, project management, commissioning and 24x7 “follow the sun” support services to valued customers. TQS is at the forefront of data intelligence for over 20 years, working with an extensive client base in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science, Food & Beverage, Energy and Renewables industries. As the go-to partner for data collection, contextualization, visualization, analytics, and managed services, we are the main drivers in the world’s leading companies — helping them become leaders in Industry 4.0.

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About Sartorius Data Analytics

As part of Sartorius group, founded in 1870, the company earned sales revenue of more than 2.0 billion euros in 2020. More than 10,000 people work at the group's 60+ manufacturing and sales sites, serving customers around the globe. Sartorius Data Analytics are leading data analytics experts that help organizations in many different industries to get more value from their data using the Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. These solutions help harness the wealth of data, identifying vital elements to improve the results from research, product development and manufacturing processes.

For information, please visit Sartorius Data Analytics.

TQS Integration Ltd is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 OSIsoft EMEA Users Conference in Berlin, from September 26th -29th (http://www.osisoft.com/user-conference/emea/). Please visit us at BOOTH 7 where our team will be on hand to discuss various aspects of Livepoint, our  advanced visualization and data analysis product, and how this and various other TQS services can improve your manufacturing capabilities through the use of advanced data analytics. We look forward to seeing you there!

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